Shellac Manicure in Slate

This past weekend I decided it was time to treat myself/celebrate with my first paycheck from my new job. My hair was in desperate need of some tending to so I called up my stylist and booked an appointment on the first available day she had open. It felt amazing to finally be getting my much needed trim and color touch up!  While she was working her magic I was rambling on about how horrible my nails looked. Eyebrows and nails are just something I really am not the best at keeping up with. Anyways, she suggested I try out her Shellac polishes to compliment my new hair do. Of course I agreed.



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NOTD: Sinful Colors Rich in Heart

I feel like all I have to post lately are NOTD’s, oh well. This nail polish is one that I’ve been cycling through (a long with a few others that I’ve posted) this Fall and part is that it was only $1! I got this at Walgreen’s on sale about a month or so ago and it was love at first application. The color is a deep burgundy with a tiny hint of shimmer that looks pretty just sitting in its bottle. It almost looks black, but when the light shines you can see the pretty deep red shining through, my favorite part about almost black polishes.

It goes on quite smooth and you only need 2 applications for full coverage, with a nice top coat the color is simply gorgeous. Dress it up or dress it down looks great either way :)

I always seem to smudge my damn pinky..


What are some of your favorite dark nail polishes?




NOTD: OPI Warm and Fozzie

The first time I saw OPI’s Warm and Fozzie from The Muppets Holiday 2011 collection in an issue of Glamour Magazine I just knew I had to have it. Eventually a few weeks later I saw it while in line at Boston Store and $8.50 later I was able to call it my own.

 The Color.. is a gorgeous metallic copper, very different from the bright glitter polishes that make up half  the OPI Muppet Collection. The coppery mix is made up of gold, pinkish-red (very creative color names I know), and brown flecks–and I swear that in certain lighting there’s a hint of green!  This all makes for an amazing Fall/Winter color, or a perfect alternative to the usual holiday nail polishes.

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NOTD: Caught With My Khakis Down

Caught With My Khakis Down was one of the polishes featured in my last Sephora post that I’ve put off posting for quite too long. Clever name I might add.

It’s a Sephora by OPI polish and is from the 2011 Safari Luxe Collection which is an exclusive collection. On the website the shade is described as “fatigue opaque green”  however, that just sounds kind of gross to me so I’ll keep it simple and stick with khaki..maybe even moss. In some lighting is has almost a grayish tint to it, something I’ve found through reviews others have noticed as well, lovely nonetheless. With two coats you’ll get a nice opaque khaki green, add a top coat and you’re good to go!

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Fall’s Blue Period: Blue Nail Polish

Earlier this year I made a vow to myself to step out of my shell a bit, not only in my social life but with fashion as well..thank god you can’t actually be fined from the fashion police. In ode to that promise I feel like  that means brightening up a little since you can usually catch me in the darkest of colors.

One thing I really feel that can brighten my look up is a great nail color, and lately I’ve been seeing lots of blue around and loving it. So while I was shopping around for a birthday card (OK,  maybe I was wandering around the makeup aisle near the card section) the other day a glimpse of Essie Lapiz of Luxury’s periwinkle caught my eye and I fell in love.

Essie Lapiz of Luxury

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Color Club Untamed Luxury Collection: Resort to Red

Happy September everyone! Even though it’s still blazing hot outside I can’t help but be ready to pack all my summer clothes away and lug out all of the Fall goodies ( oh how I’ve missed you knits and boots!). But since you won’t find me rockin’ any of the  cool weather trends while it’s still 80 degrees out  I decided start my Fall transition slowly by wearing one of my favorite darker nail colors: Resort to Red by Color Club.

Color Club: Resort to Red

What I like about Resort to Red is that it isn’t your classic red, it almost has a magenta undertone to it, not to mention the metallic sheen it gives off making it easy to wear for a day or night look. As far as Color Club goes this is the only polish I own from that brand but I’d really like to try a few more. This specific color is from last year’s 2010 Untamed Luxury Collection and after taking a peek around the net I’ve gotten a chance to see some of the others- one word, gorgeous!

This metallic red was one of my go-to’s last Fall and I’m pretty sure it’s going to make the cut another year in a row. Very much fits in with all the rich, bold colors (plums, golds, teals, love it!)  I’ve been seeing in all the September/Fall issues of things.

What are some of your favorite fall nail colors?



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