NOTD: OPI Warm and Fozzie

The first time I saw OPI’s Warm and Fozzie from The Muppets Holiday 2011 collection in an issue of Glamour Magazine I just knew I had to have it. Eventually a few weeks later I saw it while in line at Boston Store and $8.50 later I was able to call it my own.

 The Color.. is a gorgeous metallic copper, very different from the bright glitter polishes that make up half  the OPI Muppet Collection. The coppery mix is made up of gold, pinkish-red (very creative color names I know), and brown flecks–and I swear that in certain lighting there’s a hint of green!  This all makes for an amazing Fall/Winter color, or a perfect alternative to the usual holiday nail polishes.

Keep Reading for swatches..

Application..One con I did find is that the formula is a bit on the sheer side so 2 to 3 coats is a must for an opaque finish. I didn’t really care for the way it looked after 1 or 2 coats, but I suppose it might look pretty layered over another color. Oh, and FYI the removal process is a pain in the a**!  I personally don’t like spending more than 2  minutes removing nail polish but I guess that’s the price you pay for anything with even a hint of glitter or shimmer.

(Both taken with inside lighting where the gold and copper really seems to shine through)

In all this has been one of my favorite colors this past month and am really glad I picked it up. Really my only regret is being such an impulse buyer and not waiting to get the mini Muppets holiday set that includes Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi, better, and Warm and Fozzie (in that order from left to right below). Oh well.




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