Urban Decay Naked Palette: Review

If you read my last post about my trip to Sephora you’ll know that I was pretty excited to have finally picked up the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I’ve been using it everyday for about a week now and love that you can create so many gorgeous looks with the shimmering neutrals. You can literally go from a day to dramatic night look in a matter of minutes. Not only do I really enjoy the 12 eye shadows in the palette but the packaging is really convenient as well and I’m definitely enjoying the eyeshadow primer and brush that came along with it.

Here’s a little background info on the palette:


The shadows are stored in a brown velvety mirrored case. Which I’m really glad is sleek and slender,12 x 1.3g to be exact, not bulky at all. Each eye shadow is 0.05oz which is equivalent to a full size Urban Decay Shadow, a pretty good deal I’d say. There is also a slot for a shadow brush, which Urban Decay has so kindly filled with their Good Karma Eyeshadow brush. And in the inital plastic packaging that the palette is placed in you’ll find a nice little 0.13 oz travel sized Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

The 12 Eyeshadows..

There is a mixture of matte, frosty and shimmery shade shimmery, but none of them are overly glittery or frosty which makes it easy to create more wearable looks. My personal favorites are Sin, SidecarDarkhorse and Toasted. 

Virgin- A pale, almost icy color with a slight shimmer to it. I like this best for highlighting purposes on both my brow and cheekbones.

Sin- A rosy champagne color with a shimmer to it, I also use this for highlight purposes mostly on my cheekbones.

Naked- A soft matte tan color.

Sidecar- A very neutral gold color with a touch of glitter to it.  It’s not overly sparkly and there isn’t much fallout with the glitter either.


Buck- A soft matte brown color.

Half Baked- If it was still summer I have a feeling this would be one of my go to colors. Its a metallic copperish gold color, which is nice on olive or dark skin tones.

Smog- A metallic bronze color that would really play up green or blue eyes.

Darkhorse- A dark brown with a golden shimmer to it. I love using this in my crease, to create a not too dark smokey eye or eyeliner and to fill in my brows..now you can see why this is one of my favorites!

Toasted- A dark peachy champagne color, very similar to Sin only it has a more red tone to it.

Hustle-  A brownish plum color with a  subtle shimmer to it.

Creep- A very nicely pigmented, yet still soft black shadow with a hint of silver sparkle. Though I never really notice the sparkle after applying it, but I don’t mind.

Gunmetal- A blueish gray shadow with a slight shimmer to it.


The Verdict.. The hype you hear about this palette is there for a reason, it truly is an amazing purchase! I really enjoy the each of the shadows and I think anyone that is a big fan of using neutrals and is looking for a quality assortment of shadows should give it a try. There are so many great looks you can create, from a dramatic smokey eye to an everyday look you can wear to work. Its also great that the while the colors are pigmented and some have a little shimmer/sparkle to them that they’re not over the top which makes it great for everyday use. And with 12 full size shadows, a good quality shadow brush, and the awesome primer (love it by the way!) I think $48 is definitely work it!


Here’s a smokey look I created using smog, darkhorse, and virgin..


What are your thoughts on the palette? Have you tried it out, or something similar?







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