Braids and Buns

First things first, Happy March! :) I was hoping to awaken to blue skies and birds singing however, that wasn’t the case. Soon I keep telling myself, soon.

Any who, I have a slight obsession with the effortlessly chic braids and buns(and sometimes a combo of the two) I’ve been seeing everywhere. It seems my own hair never seems to get these looks down quite right (maybe it’s me not my hair?) but I’ve collected a few of the prettiest braids and buns I found across the wonderful website that is Pinterest ( another obsession) and am of course going to share them with you. A little Hair-spo if you will.


Messy yet Chic

 photo credit

This is going to take some practice..

Image Credit


Fish Tail Braid w/ a Pop of Color

Photo Credit


Great second day hairstyle

 Photo Credit



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5 thoughts on “Braids and Buns

  1. love high buns and braids! But my Hubby doesn’t like high buns :( He prefers my hair to be just braided or let down. But I think I’ll give the 2nd photo a try since it combines both :D

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