My Acne Story: Trials, Errors, and hopeful for Triumph

This is my background story with acne, how it manifested itself in my life and my journey with it thus far. I hope to use this post and those to come not only as a way to track my results but to hopefully help someone out there in the big black internet space out there.

If I can remember correctly my acne started when I was about 17 or 18, up until then I had perfectly clear skin. It started with a few small cystic pimples on my cheeks here and there for a few years, I wasn’t too pleased but it was manageable for the most part. So for the next few years up until I was about 22 there weren’t any memorable changes in my acne.

That was until I made a small, so I thought, change in my “routine” and switched from taking birth control pills to having the Mirena IUD inserted. Within 3 months, I had the worst acne I have ever had in my entire life. There were cysts and other unsightly blemishes sprouting up on my chin, somewhere I’d never really broke out, all over my cheeks, forehead, just everywhere basically. I just remember being so..disgusted by it I didn’t even want to look in the mirror to do my makeup but of course I always kept it covered in public.

It was pretty horrible to say the least, and this went on for months, just when things seemed like they were getting clear something new would magically appear. I’d started using more natural skin care products and saw it made a small improvement in my skin soon that became a staple part of my routine. Also, around that time I finally decided it was time to make some changes in my lifestyle and eating. I was reading extensively about how diet truly affects your skin and of course many other things in your body and made some immediate changes. I cut out meat, upped my intake of greens, started exercising and tried to be more conscious of my health in general. Things were looking up and my breakouts seemed to not be as frequent or last as long. I remember by the time summer rolled around I was usually just using a bit of concealer to cover up, I thought I was in the clear.

Then winter hit and once the freezing weather hit I was all out of whack in regards to diet and exercise. I got lazy, I ate unhealthily, I went out with friends drinking beer and sugary mixed drinks, I thought I could slip by since things were going so great for my skin already. Well, I was wrong. In no time my face was back to its old tricks and it wasn’t looking pretty. I knew it was time to make changes again, so I took to the drawing board and have made a whole slew of them and am working hard this time around to willpower through it and see some amazing results!

As of late my green smoothies are back as daily supplement and I eat a mostly vegetarian diet. The weathers getting nicer so I’ve forced myself outside to get some fresh air and outdoors activity, natural skin care is still a big part of my routine (I love experimenting with it), and last but not least I’ve eliminated hormonal birth control as a whole. Which, by the way, is a first in 8 years. Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous for the effect that might have on my skin but feel it will be worth it in the long run for my body as a whole. Oh and how could I forget! I also saw a naturopath this past Winter who prescribed me some interesting holistic supplements, gave advice on how to balance my hormones naturally and how to clear up my acne, all of which I can report on in a separate post.

So there you have it. My story on my relationship with acne, romantic isn’t it? Anywho, If you have any tips, tricks, comments or concerns you’d like to share please leave them below I’d love to hear them! :D


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