Deep Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes(Easy and Cheap)

If there’s one major downfall in my makeup routine it’s that I’m horrible at remembering to clean my makeup brushes. Gross, I know. Recently though I’ve been noticing my skin breaking out a lot more than usual and after spending a lot of time looking in the mirror and growing increasingly irritated I thought that maybe it was time to do something about it. Obviously I can’t change certain things like genetics (thanks mom)  and weather which play a part in all of this but there are some pretty simple things I can do to keep blemishes at bay. One of them being cleaning my makeup brushes regularly, so I thought I’d share with you my routine of doing so.

First things First..

You’ll need:

  • All of your makeup brushes
  • Shampoo (Try Johnsons Baby Shampoo) OR anti-bacterial dish soap
  • Olive Oil (so the bristles won’t over dry)
  • A small bowl to mix the two
  • Towel for drying
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The Big Chop- My Lob Haircut

So I finally did it! Something I’ve been debating back and forth about for literally months-chopping my hair off. Not just my usual inch or two, but a solid 7 inches of my brown locks.

To some people a haircut is simply just a haircut and to others, like myself, their hair is their pride and joy..therefore, I better be walking out of the salon with a smile on my face..or else. With that being said it’s pretty understandable as to why it took me so long to finally decide to go through with it. I decided last week it was time to grow a pair and finally go through with it, after all I trusted my hair stylist and I was in need of some sort of change.

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A little trip to Sephora..

This past weekend a friend and I took a trip to our local Sephora, and a couple other places to do a little shopping and catch up. She’s my only other friend that is in love with Sephora like I am and we both had a list of things we wanted to get our hands on, so needless to say we were pretty excited to get together and do what we do best.

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Fall’s Blue Period: Blue Nail Polish

Earlier this year I made a vow to myself to step out of my shell a bit, not only in my social life but with fashion as well..thank god you can’t actually be fined from the fashion police. In ode to that promise I feel like  that means brightening up a little since you can usually catch me in the darkest of colors.

One thing I really feel that can brighten my look up is a great nail color, and lately I’ve been seeing lots of blue around and loving it. So while I was shopping around for a birthday card (OK,  maybe I was wandering around the makeup aisle near the card section) the other day a glimpse of Essie Lapiz of Luxury’s periwinkle caught my eye and I fell in love.

Essie Lapiz of Luxury

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My Fall 2011 Fashion Must Haves

It’s only been a few days since my last post and the weather has dropped about 10 degrees, typical Wisconsin. This has left  me considerably more excited to drag out my Fall wardrobe, unfortunately I’ve noticed, as I do every season, that my selection is lacking quite a few pieces. With that I decided to take some time and put together a list of my Fall 2011 fashion must haves and share them with you. Since the list seems to be miles long I thought it would be best to spare you and only share the top 10.

Top 10 Fall Fashion Must Haves

1. Riding Boots- This look is just so classic. A perfect cold weather alternative to flats that add a little flair to leggings, skinny jeans or a dress.

Two styles I really like Left: Madden Girl-Rickki/Right: Aldo-BelfiglioBoth from


2. Bags, Satchels, Totes & more Bags- Call me materialistic, but I love having my “stuff” with me at all times. I’m a total “what if..” person which is why you can always find me with a ginormous bag on my shoulder toting whatever can fit with me where ever I go. Lucky for me Fall has a great selection of over sized totes, satchels and bags for me to   choose from. Check Aldo, Target, and Zappos for really cute yet affordable styles.

3. Vintage Eye Wear: Cat Eyes- No, I’m not talking winged eyeliner, though I do love to rock that look on occasion, I’m referring to the retro style glasses I’m seeing everywhere. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair! Check out  the Vintage 50s Eyewear shop on Etsy to see some really cool vintage frames.

Fashion & Beauty Blogger Keiko Lynn from

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Color Club Untamed Luxury Collection: Resort to Red

Happy September everyone! Even though it’s still blazing hot outside I can’t help but be ready to pack all my summer clothes away and lug out all of the Fall goodies ( oh how I’ve missed you knits and boots!). But since you won’t find me rockin’ any of the  cool weather trends while it’s still 80 degrees out  I decided start my Fall transition slowly by wearing one of my favorite darker nail colors: Resort to Red by Color Club.

Color Club: Resort to Red

What I like about Resort to Red is that it isn’t your classic red, it almost has a magenta undertone to it, not to mention the metallic sheen it gives off making it easy to wear for a day or night look. As far as Color Club goes this is the only polish I own from that brand but I’d really like to try a few more. This specific color is from last year’s 2010 Untamed Luxury Collection and after taking a peek around the net I’ve gotten a chance to see some of the others- one word, gorgeous!

This metallic red was one of my go-to’s last Fall and I’m pretty sure it’s going to make the cut another year in a row. Very much fits in with all the rich, bold colors (plums, golds, teals, love it!)  I’ve been seeing in all the September/Fall issues of things.

What are some of your favorite fall nail colors?



Hello Beauty Blogging World!

So months have gone by and I’ve found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with the all that is blogging, beauty blogging to be specific. I’m hopelessly addicted to a hand full of amazing beauty blogs and have been so inspired I can’t contain it any longer. So, as of today I’ve decided that I’ve spent enough time on the side lines as a reader and that it’s time to dive in head first and join the beauty blogging world by creating my own. If  ”they” can do it so can I, right?

With that said, hello beauty world, my name is Mariana and this is my blog Beauty n Things, enjoy!



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