American Eagle Semi-Annual Sale + 20% Off: Really Mini Haul

I always get such a thrill ordering things online! I went looking for a certain sweater on American Eagle’s website that I saw in Shape magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find out that their Semi-Annual sale is going on right now with an added bonus of extra 40% off clearance. I was also lucky enough to find another 20% promo you may have guessed I made a few purchases.


First thing I added to my cart was this black cable knit sweater. It looked so warm and cozy I couldn’t pass it up, and for $14.39 why would I?

 AE Cabled Sweater $14.39 (w/promo code)

The second two are a little more Spring-y. The weather here hasn’t been it’s usual frozen tundra, also known as Winter, temps but my day to day wardrobe is still looking pretty dark. I can’t wait to use these pieces to brighten up a bit!  I really love flowers so I can see the floral loop scarf becoming one of my new favorites, and I’ve been dying for a pair of fuchsia pumps or flats. Now the waiting game begins..

AEO Dotted Floral Loop Scarf $15.60 (w/ promo code)

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BC Footwear Limousine Flats  $45.00


The 20% off code is good until the end of January, however I’m not sure how long the Semi-Annual sale will last. I’ve popped the promo code below, happy shopping :) !

20% Off Code - 36892051







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