Shoe Mint Launch

What girl can pass up the offer of a good pair of shoes? Now add rewards into the mix and you’ve got my 100% attention.

I came across something pretty awesome on AlphaBlonde’s blog this afternoon and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you all.¬†ShoeMint, which features an exclusive shoe collection created by Rachel Bilson, her celeb stylist Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden (I don’t think you can go wrong with that trio), will be launching their website this Friday, November 25th!

As the other mint websites it’s free to look but will be an exclusive members only website in regards to amazing deals and promotions. By signing up you not only will help me get referal points to get amazing deals like $25-$45 off your first pair or a year supply of ShoeMint, you’ll also be given your own referral link so you can do the same. It’s really a win win situation if you ask me :)

Go ahead and sign up HERE if you’re interested in the deals, or just want to check out the website.



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